Top 3 Insurance Types You Need if You Play Pokemon Go

michigan-general-insurance-need-play-pokemon-goSince its launch just a few days ago, Pokemon Go has started a major revolution in the way people live their lives. No longer are individuals strapped to their sofas as they venture out into the world in the hopes of catching them all. The game became an instant hit thanks to its brilliant take on augmented reality, which pulls on the heartstrings of an entire generation that grew up loving the game – from its 8-bit version to its more recent 3D variants. Today, people no longer have to imagine themselves as the silent main character of a game played from within the confines of a gaming device – they can actually live the life of a Pokemon trainer in their actual surroundings.

For those who have yet to discover this brilliant game, Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game that allows players to catch Pokemon that appear at specific locations in their actual world. By turning on the back-facing camera of a smartphone, a player can watch Pokemon pop-up in their surroundings and catch them to complete a Pokedex – an index of all the information gathered on the different types of Pokemon.  Players can also train Pokemon to use them against NPC’s that are found in many locations all over the globe. The best part? Pokemon are tied to specific locations in the real world, and some of the rarer ones are harder to find, making the game even more challenging for those who want to earn their right to be called a Pokemon master.

Yes, Pokemon Go is definitely worth playing, but with the enjoyment, there come risks. Since its release, there has been a rise in Pokemon Go related accidents, injuries, and even thefts that are costing people hundreds of dollars to resolve. The solution? Simple – insurance.


Wondering just what insurance you need to have if you play Pokemon Go? Read on to find out.



Top 3 Insurances You Need to Have if You Play Pokemon Go


1.Homeowner’s Insurance –

It pays to keep in mind that Pokemon Go requires you to leave your house. That said, lots of opportunistic people with bad intentions have taken advantage of the growing rise in homeowners leaving their homes for extended periods of time while playing Pokemon Go. The result is surprising – thousands of dollars worth of personal possessions lost in a single day all because a player wasn’t careful enough to lock his door. What’s more, leaving your house unattended could pose not only a security threat, but also a fire threat if in case anything short circuits and ignites while you’re away. That’s why when it comes to the insurance you need if you play Pokemon Go, shop Michigan insurance quotes for the best deals.


Let’s turn the tables now and say that you don’t play Pokemon Go but there is a point of interest around your house – when will homeowner’s insurance come in handy? If someone playing Pokemon Go sustains injuries while searching for Pokemon in and around you property, they might sue. With homeowner’s insurance, you can be certain that you’ll be protected from not only threats to your property, but also cases wherein a third party trips, slips, or falls in your home.


2.Car Insurance –

Lots of people have taken their Pokemon Go playing to the next level by traveling far and wide in search of some of the rarest Pokemon in the game. This means taking a car to distant locations to try their luck. Now, because there are a lot of people out on the road searching for Pokemon, it’s no wonder why vehicular accidents are on the rise. Since the game was released, there have been numerous reports of Pokemon Go related collisions, road accidents, and hospitalizations due to vehicular crashes.


The best way to protect yourself and the others around you if you drive around while playing Pokemon Go is to buy car insurance – and as much of it as you can afford. Consider reading over your car insurance policy to learn more about what it can cover and don’t become careless just because you know you have insurance to back you up in case of an accident! Always practice safe and responsible driving to avoid unwanted accidents.


3.Identity Theft Coverage –

You’ll be able to spot a Pokemon Go player really easily by simply checking out who has their phones held out in front of them as they scan surrounding areas. Because not a lot of people have the Pokemon Go trainer accessories that allow players to detect and find Pokemon even without having to pull out their smartphones, a typical player will constantly have his handheld device held outstretched to find Pokemon. But while this might seem like a harmless practice, you might want to consider the fact that holding out a smartphone via an outstretched hand could increase the chances of having it stolen.

Aside from the Pokedex that you worked hard to complete, it can be quite troubling if a person who steals your phone is able to access important information by using your phone’s stored data. It’s even likely that they’ll steal your identity in order to get the most out of their steal. That said, you might want to get coverage for identity theft. This may be included in your homeowner’s insurance, but often, the specifics can be very limited. The best way to guarantee the best coverage is to buy it as a stand-alone policy.

It can be fun to play Pokemon Go, but when accidents, injuries, and losses occur, you might just find yourself cursing the game all together. Be sure to keep yourself protected from potential threats and perils by buying these three insurance you need to have if you play Pokemon Go.

If you already have these insurance coverage for a while now, it would be best to look into your policy and to read more about the specifics stated therein. Because your situation may have changed since the advent of Pokemon Go, some of the items in your policy might not longer or apply, or might not even be enough to keep you covered in case of any Pokemon Go related accidents or injuries. Be sure to check your policy as soon as you can, and discuss changes with your insurance provider to get the best coverage for your needs. If they’re unable to satisfy your requests, seek a different provider.

Finally, keep in mind that prevention is always better than any protection you can find. While having all of these insurance coverage is ideal and should never be overlooked whether or not you play Pokemon Go, it’s important that you remain mindful of your surroundings. Playing Pokemon Go is fun, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Staying alert and responsive to the happenings around you will help you steer clear of accidents and injuries that can be easily avoided with a little extra care and concern.


In Closing…

Pokemon Go is a fun-filled game that brings a familiar childhood dream to life. During the short time after its release, Pokemon Go has managed to capture the hearts of a wide and strong fan base that’s eager and willing to keep up with the terms of the game just to be able to accomplish the mission it calls for. But because of the outdoorsy nature of the game play, many have fallen to injuries and accidents that can be costly to resolve. However achieving the appropriate insurance coverage by comparing Michigan insurance quotes, you can avoid steep payments and enjoy the game as you catch them all.

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Michigan Insurance Quotes

Are you in the market for Michigan insurance? You’ve come to the right place, because this site is your one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs.  It’s also a place to begin your search, as it has all sorts of advice and tips for making sure you get insurance that meets your needs at a reasonable price.  Insurance in Michigan can be affordable, if you know how to find the best deals, and we are here to help.

You’re probably wondering how to begin looking for insurance.  It probably sounds like a lot of work, work you don’t have time for. It may be hard to even get started. If you had your druthers, you probably would just go along with the same insurance you’ve always had. But what might you be missing if you don’t compare offerings?

We know it’s daunting and may even seem like a bit of a mystery. So, let’s demystify insurance quotes. Here’s an easy process—just a few steps– you can use for all your insurance needs.  Quick, easy, and on this single website.

Making the Search for Insurance Easy

We live by the internet these days and when it comes to finding insurance in Michigan, the internet is your best friend. All sorts of information is available so you can compare and contrast and make certain you get exactly what you need. In the past, consumers would have to call around to get this information. Now, it’s at our fingertips.  The internet makes the search for insurance simple.

Legal Requirements for Insurance in Michigan

You’ll need to know if there are any legal requirements for insurance coverage in Michigan. A quick internet search will elicit this information. Are there certain coverages you simply must have to comply with the law? Because those legal minimums are where you would start comparing Michigan insurance policies.

But consider them minimums, because every individual’s circumstances are different. Some may need a little more than what is legally required, some may need a lot more insurance than is required –and some may be just fine with the minimum. So look at your situation and think about how much more insurance you might need, if any. Are you at greater risk for anything in particular?  Give it some good thought and a real assessment.

After your assessment, decide how much insurance you might need. But also consider if you have special needs, like certain natural disasters or emergencies that might mean you would incur costs.  What about snow and ice storms, for example. Get a full picture of your insurance needs in Michigan –make certain everything you need is covered–and let that be the baseline from which you evaluate all companies.

Compare and Contrast Insurance

You must use the same baseline when you compare and contrast insurance offerings and costs so that you are looking at the same thing for each company. There should be no differences—that will assure you of a valid comparison. It also makes the best deal very clear.

Sometimes companies might use different terminology to describe their offerings. These can be easy to understand or not so easy. Again, thanks to the internet, definitions are simply a few keystrokes away. Make sure you completely understand what each of the insurance quotes covers. This is one time when it pays to be super detail oriented –there is no such thing as asking too many questions.  Not when you are going to be spending money for insurance.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of those aspects of insurance that consumers tend to downplay. That is, unless something happens and they need to call on their insurance. Then, it becomes very important. Who to call? How to reach them? How quickly will they respond? How is the money handled? These are all questions that we might not think about until an emergency. So, make them part of your insurance evaluation process.

If an emergency occurs, you want a smooth process that begins with your first contact with the company. Do you want to be able to talk to a live person 24/7? Is toll-free important to you? Are you comfortable working solely on line? Would  you need front money for payments made for repairs or health related visits? These questions—and more—should be considered as you evaluate your options

Besides looking at each company’s process and procedure, you can often find consumer reviews online. When reading consumer reviews, it’s important to understand that any one consumer could have an unusual interaction. What you should be looking for is trends in how the consumers view the company’s ease of use. If one out of 25 consumers has a problem, it may be an anomaly. But if a significant number of them report the same negative experience, it may be time to move on to the next company.

Taking all this into account, it is vital that you decide at the front end how important customer service is to you and make it one of the criteria when you gather Michigan insurance quotes.

Insurance quotes Can Vary

There are a number of variables that drive cost, which is why you may find considerable variance in the insurance quotes you seek.  Many things go into a Michigan insurance quote, including how good your credit is. Credit is not something that many consumers would consider important to an insurance quote, but it is. So if a friend got a completely different quote than you, it may reflect those individual circumstances.

If a quote seems super low, lower than all the others, chances are something you asked for isn’t included. Look closely at the specifications for the coverage to make sure the comparison is still valid.


If an insurance quote doesn’t include certain discounts, you may need to contact the company and learn why not.  There are numerous discounts for Michigan insurance, some so unusual you might never think of them by yourself.

There are discounts for paying a premium once a year, for being a good student, for having safety features. There are discounts for bundling coverage or being a new customer.  This is the time to ask—why pay more than you have to for Michigan insurance?  Get all the discounts that are due you and if you do not see them online, by all means telephone the company. Inquire. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts you may be due.

The great thing about websites like ours is that they allow consumers in the market for insurance to do these kinds of comparisons at any time of the day or night, not just on a workday. If you have a smartphone, you can often get the information you need via that. But certainly sitting at a computer allows you to easily find the Michigan insurance quotes you need in a timely fashion.

And remember, nothing says you have to stay with your current company. A search and comparison may  mean that you find better insurance at a lower cost. You won’t know until you try. We are here to help you. So get started now

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