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Joe the Plumber, aka Joe Samuel J.Wurzelbacher, openly disavowed McCain and no longer supports Sarah Palin, he told Public Radio reporter Scott DeTrow.

24/7 Tech Support – Support methods such as support ticket area, email and chat should be some of the methods available 24/7, even better, get telephone support 24/7.

Apparently they are wrong because the buzz about Joe the Plumber has been picked up by major msnbc live stream sources and popular websites like Huffington Post and Daily Beast.

Invitations are also available at this site. My invites were purchased on Ebay, created by an artist. For $90, I received RSVP cards, invites, directions and envelopes. Speciality shops charge $300 and up for invitations.

Issa contends that since the two weapons found at Terry’s murder scene were catalogued as “K2” and “K3,” there must be a “K1” — that is, a third gun which has never been revealed to lawmakers or their investigators. The DOJ has said that the “K1” is a sample of Terry’s blood and not another weapon.

At the start of this season, Levi made more alliances with people to make up for losing Jolin and John. He got Crazy Dave out of Amish rehab and had him host a hut party; however, his alcoholic demons still haunted him. Although strictly forbidden, alcohol use is not uncommon among the Amish. BUIs, Buggy Under Influence offenses happen more often than imagined. The horses know their way home, but do not know how to read stop signs and can end in fatalities or severe injuries.

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