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Consumers were cautiously curious about the iPad, Apple’s first tablet, when it was launched in 2010. People thought it did what other devices already did, contrary to Steve Jobs’ claims. On an iPad, one can surf the web and communicate via email; just like other gadgets.

Many people will want to plan on a special night together before the big and final break up happens. This is especially true if the relationship has been long term.

If you are assuming something, let it go. Tell your self it is ONLY an assumption and let it go. It solves nothing and you will worry yourself into make HUGE mistakes in the long run.

Metal music, up until this time, had only one sound. The eighties changed all of that. Several catagories grew from the “metal” sound and expanded the music to video and radio. Air play was almost unheard of for a metal group, but the introduction of “glam metal” made such a monumental change in radio that it completely captivated the airways. Metal ballads became all the rage and in perspective, a great compromise for dating couples. Guys were cool for having a “Cinderella” tape in their car and their girlfriends were still able to rap beats while on a date. Bands like “Dokken”, “Whitesnake” and “Poison” were all famous for their ballads and many children were conceived while playing these famous classics.

From the opening guitar lick, this song begs to be heard – a finger snapping, toe-tapping feel good melody with a great comic twist. The singer is told by a woman that someday she’s going to be famous and “a star of the screen” and she’d like him to be her chauffer.

“All my life, I prayed for someone like you.” How sweet is that line, and this song? A staple for Valentine’s Day with your love. This also would be a good one if you are planning on proposing on the 14th of February.

My girlfriend was very happy to receive the one of a kind love song. It is definitely the best gift I have ever given her. Try as hard as you like, but you will definitely have a difficult time topping the gift of a love song dedicated to her or him.

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