Using An Event To Market Your Business

My biggest fear when coming to live in New York was finding an apartment in a good neighborhood. Well, actually, my biggest fear was getting lost in the subway system, but finding a good apartment was a very, very close second.

What little guy doesn’t like trains? There are some unique wooden toy banks that look like train engines made out of cherry or walnut wood. There is a plexi-glass window to see all the change filling up the wooden toy engine bank.

Wow! TV cameras from some of the news channels in Denver were present, in addition to a few local newspapers. Several long tables were set up across from the cameras. I walked over to the tables and saw a place card with my name on it. What a thrill! Miss Loveland Valentine, her chaperone, the contest winner for the card artwork, representatives of the office renovation company singapore, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce would also be seated at the tables.

The rate of survival of a traditional small business reads something like half of all new business start-ups fail in the first year and half of the survivors do not survive the second year, and eBay is probably no different. In fact, it’s not easy at all anymore (if it ever was) to carve out a fortune on what has been dubbed “the world’s largest garage sale”.

Try attending a seminar when you need new ideas. The seminar need not even be on the subject of concern. Just being in the seminar room, removed from your controlled environment, can cause your conscious mind to let go a little — just enough for spontaneous ideas to creep to the surface and make themselves available. And for those of you who don’t – read some books. On anything. Reading books always stimulates random thinking if you let it. Remember to keep note cards and pens handy.

Offer the buyer a variety of shipping methods. Some prefer speedy delivery with Express mailing, while some prefer to save money with parcel post even though the wait is longer. It’s always a good idea when using parcel post or other slower ground shipping to alert the buyer by email that it can take anywhere from 8 to 10 days.

Hold a contest on your web site. Give other websites the option of offering it to their visitors. This will multiply your advertising all over the internet. It would become a viral contest. Of course the contest must either be ongoing or held regularly so you could allow other online publishers to offer it to their visitors or subscribers.

No, emptying the piggy bank won’t pay our national debt, but perhaps it will teach a child that saving money in a wooden bank is fun and in the long run it will be an excellent foundation for the rest of their life.

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