Towed Artillery Match-Ups: India Vs. Pakistan

In October 1962 the Chinese Army moved against Indian positions in the East and Ladakh. The positions which were lightly held gave way in the face of the Chinese assault. The so called Macmohan Line in the East was breached and the posts in Ladakh fell after some resistance. The Indian Army was taken totally by surprise. This soon turned into a ignominious retreat. One of the reasons was paucity of equipment, but a more important reason was the mindset of the General Staff that had been conditioned to think of only Pakistan as the probable opponent.

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It was also simply called the Indian Army Result. Till Independence of India this was a part of the British Army. They took part in many of the wars in which the British government was involved including the Abyssinian Expedition.

18. Hong Kong holidays – A few years ago, Hong Kong was a British territory. Now a part of China, Hong Kong is the most happening place in the far east. This majorly Buddhist city is a remarkable example of success of Capitalism and offers towering hotels, world’s most modern luxuries and one of the most popular holiday destination within Hong Kong is Kowloon. For some peace, you can travel to the Sai Kung peninsula. 27,000 monthly searches.

Lance Naik Karam Singh and his company were surrounded by enemy fire and it was impossible for them to break out. He crawled from one place to another motivating his troops to keep fighting. Whenever he saw that enemies were coming closer he would push them back with grenades. He was wounded twice but he refused to leave the post and kept fighting. The fifth attack by the enemy was very strong. Two intruders came very close to his post and it was impossible for him to take them out without accidentally hitting his own troops. So he jumped out of his position and killed those intruders in a hand-to-hand combat. This fearless act by Lance Naik Karam Singh completely demoralized the enemy forces and they pulled back the attack.

MHOW is a tribute to the British raj. It has its roots in the Raj and the Indian army has gratefully taken over the facilities left back by the British and put them to good use. Let us hope it continues like that.

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