Stun Master Stun Baton Helps Truckers Feel Safer

All across America, many families now consist of multiple generations living under the same roof. Perhaps Mom moved in temporarily at first, to recover from a surgery, but now it seems that it is best if she stays. Or Dad, lonely in a big house, decided to move-in with his daughter and her family. The reasons are varied but the end result is the same.

The best advice is to travel with any items of value such as laptops, money, jewellery, confidential information and sensitive files where they are hidden from view inside the boot or trunk.

Your Car – Do you make a point to lock your car doors and roll up the windows wherever you park, even if you’ll just be there for a minute? Do you make an effort to park in well-lit parking lots, and avoid walking to your car alone at night?

Stun devices-usually we think of stun guns. Stun guns interrupt the neuro-muscular system for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. A 3 to 5 second application causes the body to over work very rapidly similar to running a marathon. It depletes the body of all blood sugars so there’s no energy left. Tasers work by shooting out two electrified barbs that when they hit the target overrides the central nervous system providing incredible take down power-greater than a 9 mm handgun. They have almost 100 percent stopping power.

Do you carry a cell phone? What about a stun gun, a personal alarm for children, or a canister of pepper spray? Is your personal safety ever even a consideration when you’re out jogging, shopping, or running errands? Do you have a self defense plan for the “what if” scenario?

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Always remember: You and your loved ones deserve the safest life possible. But wishful thinking can only take you so far. You must act as soon as possible. Protect yourself and your loved ones today, while still in time. There is no time to waste!

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Stun Master Stun Baton Helps Truckers Feel Safer

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