Steps To Become A Felony Defense Attorney

Ask anyone why they need a criminal defense attorney and they will tell you it is known as Sin City for a reason. If there is one city in the country where crazy stuff is going to happen, even to not-so-crazy people, it is here. Luckily, finding a criminal defense lawyer is easy and there are many to choose from that have a wide variety of experience. No matter what sort of trouble you find yourself in, there is someone who can help you navigate the choppy waters of the Sin City legal system. Most have seen it all and know exactly what guidance to give you in a situation that might be all new to you. If you are headed to Sin City for a vacation and you think there is no way you could ever get into that much trouble, consider a few of the reasons you might need a little legal advice.

Many criminal lawyers find success and many don’t. It depends on if the prosecutor has enough evidence to really convict or if the defendant changes their plea. Defendants are supposed to be 100% up front with their lawyers and their lawyer will do what they can to ensure freedom for their client. But when the defendant is not 100% honest, this could result in the case being lost anyway.

When you’re sitting at home (or in jail) awaiting your trial, it can be difficult to keep up with the proceedings. You may have very little idea of what is happening, especially if you have no background in the law (as most people don’t). Trying to apply what your cousin has to say about the process or what you’ve gathered from movies isn’t going to help much. When you hire a DUI lawyer Chicago, you have someone who can explain every single thing that is happening behind the scenes, prepare you for what to expect, and strategize with you about the best way to defend yourself.

Therefore, the first step in bonding someone out is calling the jail to find out how much the bond comes to. Then, go to the jail, fill out the required paperwork, and post that cash bond. Realize that if you make sure your friend makes his court dates, so that you can get your money back as soon as the case is resolved. Accordingly, if you have the money, then do a cash bond.

Be wary of promises – There are some lawyers out there these days that will try and promise you that a specific outcome will happen. That is impossible for any lawyer to predict.

So how do you go about preparing a client for the verdict. Well I usually speak with a client several times. Obviously at the before the case ever gets to trial I discuss how a jury trial works. The process and procedures involved. I then discuss what happens with a not guilty verdict, and then what happens with a guilty verdict. Discuss the sentencing that would occur, and what I think the possibility of a sentence would be worst case scenario.

A lawyer can help by explaining the complex case issues. Somehow, the charge was wrong and the individuals should plead not guilty. Even if they are guilty, there are rooms for plea negotiations that can turn a felony into a misdemeanor. None of these is possible, without the help of the experts.

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