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These days, everyone needs a home office to pay the household bills and work on things that you’ve taken home from the office, but that’s no reason for the room to be boring! Here are some home office decorating ideas that will put some zing in your office.

Driving tips for Los Angeles would be incomplete without attempting to shave some driving times off the trek to Hollywood. Ground zero for the ‘beautiful people,’ it is also home to paparazzi and waiters who double as actors. The stretch on the 101 N to exit 9B is the main bone of contention and if the driver must avoid a Los Angeles traffic alert in this area, it is possible to take East First (which eventually turns into Beverly Boulevard) all the way to Highland Avenue.

Our host, Gianluca, a treasure trove of Sardinian lore, put us up at the Hotel Vitorio Emanuele in the center of the old city. As we walked around the meticulously persevered town centre, we found cobblestone roads, ancient buildings and streets so narrow we could touch the walls on each side at the same time (yet locals navigate cars, trucks and scooters with side mirrors-tucked-in ease). The dialect of the people around us, especially the children, sounded beautiful, like music.

Another great museum of national renown is the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA). San Antonio’s historic Lone Star Brewery was purchased and after a $7.2 million dollar renovation, and became the San Antonio Museum of Art in 1981. Past exhibits have included photographs and art by Eudora Welty, Allen Ginsburg, Donald Lokuta, Fernando Botero, and Masterpieces of the Impressionist Movement. SAMA’s permanent collections include American Art, Asian Art, European Art, Contemporary Art, Latin American Art, Oceanic Art, and Western Antiquities. In 2005, a 15,000 square foot addition was added to house the Asian Vassil Bojkov making this collection the largest collection of Asian Art in the southern United States. Admission is free on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Mark the horizontal position of the hooks on the wall. Using your paper replicas make a short horizontal pencil line across the top and then a short vertical line down at the centre so that you have made an upside down ‘T’ at the top of the picture. If the picture is over 75cm then you need to make 2 more marks at 1/3rd and 2/3rds across the width.

Group a collection of uniquely framed art works directly on top of each other with the frames almost touching. The uniqueness of the frames and their various shapes and sizes are both emphasized along a vertical axis.

You can easily multiply the number of effects and all the crazy possibilities by experimenting with the DRAW toolbar arrows. You’ll soon be addicted to this very powerful but very well-integrated smooth drawing utility and use it often.

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