How Social Media Can Help Your Job Search

Milani Hair is one of the most popular brands on the market today. It is growing exponentially, and consists of everything from hair extensions and hair tools to hair care products. Leyla Milani is the founder, and has created a simply outstanding company. She is a former “Deal or No Deal” model. She was also seen on an episode of TLC’s “Secrets of a Trophy Wife” and Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.” The star created Milani Hair to fill a void in the marketplace. The clip in hair extensions are safe to use, and feature premium (and organic) Remy human hair — the highest quality. Since the extensions consist of human hair, they can be styled and colored the same as one’s own hair. Consumers around the world are thrilled with the product, and it is truly a noteworthy line.

The top iPhone Game for 2011 is Tiny Tower, free in the App Store. Although free, it’s really a freemium tower-building game, as there are in-game purchases to be made (natch).

Scula: Music has always been a part of my life, even as a child. I chose to pursue a career in the industry because I wanted to talk about my life experiences. Rapping allows me to identify with the community I grew up in, and it’s a way to express a better way of life.

You can also place large signs around your neighborhood, which provides the directions to the garage sale avenue. Place ads in local newspaper, print flyers and get posters put in community learning centers and library.

Place your finger on the screen and a green line will appear. When you are touching the screen, Vine is recording. Pick your finger up to stop. You have six seconds to do this all you want!

Once you identify where your target market is, who they are and where they usually go you need document ways to connect with them. Stay-at-home moms usually spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and comprar seguidores. These are the things you need to learn about which we’ll talk about in the next article.

Theatre Chat and BroadwayGlobal missions are to share arts information “from the people for the people”. Some may see it as blogging and some may find it as creditable as CNN-style news. I’m dedicated to sharing my passion for the arts, which keeps artists employed, and patrons informed, so those patrons can keep those artists employed. We all must put a source on our post. You may not always agree with what is in print, but you will know where it came from.

So what is next to be shared? Youtube already has videos down. If you guessed gifs or mini-movies, you are correct. The new thing in social media is Vine. Here you can make a looping video clip of whatever you want and share it with people on other social networks. Lots of creativity found in this little app/social network. I recommend it for the aspiring mini-director artistic person in you.

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