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“We all think our pets are perfect and nothing needs to change, but if we get the perspective of a veterinarian who understands and can recognize when our pets are overweight, then we can make small behavioral and nutritional changes to improve our pets’ health,” he said.

Go to your veterinarian to get immediate emergency relief for your dog or cat. Your vet will do what is needed for the emergency and will then place your pet on recommendations for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory products and foods.

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Under the Raw food diet, meats like beef, chicken, lamb, venison, rabbit and organic chicken are fed to dogs. All of these are mixed with a good amount of ground bone or whole bone, liver, heart, kidney and different kinds of vegetables. Other types of organ meats may be used as well depending on what is available. The wide variety of choices that you have for feeding your pet makes sure that you take the whole concept of holistic Tiernahrung und Zubehör to a different level. A ratio of 60-40 is normally used for raw feeding, 60 being meat and 40 being vegetables, fruits, dairy and others.

The only way to know whether a shelter dog your considering will make a good companion is to visit his kennel. Take the time to walk through the entire facility and visit as many dogs as possible. Signs of friendliness are easy to spot; you’ll notice a wagging tail, an eager approach, and an excited playfulness. In contrast, if a shelter animal remains in the back of his kennel, and does not approach you, keep in mind, that some dogs remain standoffish because they are shy y while others could be unfriendly. The former can make wonderful companions once they get to know you.

Please take a few extra minutes to view more complete safety tips for animals at Friends of Strays and Groovy Pet Blog. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention.

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